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What is Emotional Aromatherapy

What is Emotional Aromatherapy?

Many of us have heard of or even used aromatherapy however not so many have heard of or experienced emotional aromatherapy.

EA combines the use of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils combined with talking therapy, to establish the problem and to identify any emotional blocks within the body.

The Body is Energy.

The body is made up of pure energy, all of our cells are basically energy and as long as energy flows around the body you remain healthy and happy.  When this energy becomes blocked, it begins to stagnate, your energy levels drop, dis-ease can set in and a physical reaction occurs.

The human body is remarkable in as much as it is not only composed of energy, but it emits it’s own energy field. Some people call this the aura, however science has now proven and accepted that the energy field around the body exists and studies have been underway for many years to investigate this energetic field in more detail. The medical profession are becoming more aware of energy and how it impacts the body and Eastern methods of treating the body such as acupuncture, acupressure and  energy healing are becoming more and more accepted due to the incredible results which have been shown.

For example, did you know that the heart emits it’s own electrical signals and these can actually be picked up outside of the body?

Releasing Blocks

So we know that the body is energy and we know that this energy can become blocked, leading to dis-ease.

Emotional aromatherapy takes you on a journey. Beginning with simple muscle testing and gathering information of current health issues and past health issues we can begin to form a picture. Identifying any underlying emotional issues connects the physical reactions of the body to the emotions.

Understanding the emotional aspects of our lives can unlock the door to health issues, aches and pains, conditions, sleep issues, eating behaviours as well as relationships and even our careers can all be affected by emotional trauma. Emotional trauma can live deep in the cells of our body, leading to physical problems, once released the person can feel an almost immediate improvement.

You may even discover that ailments that you thought were untreatable suddenly disappear altogether!

Simple, Non-Invasive and Effective

Emotional aromatherapy is simple, non-invasive and effective, with thousands of people experiencing improvement in their health and wellbeing after just one session. It’s also something that the individual can continue with at home, as part of their own self-care routine. Once learnt you can also help others!

My own personal experience of this amazing therapy led me to offer this to others and so far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with clients experiencing relief after years of suffering.

For more information please feel free to message me, or to book a consultation please complete the online enquiry form via the website



Photo by Chelsea Gates on Unsplash


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