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Stress Management

What is Stress?

Stress is a reaction both physical and emotional to information which exists all around us. We all at some time in our lives will be subject to stress because we are all subject to constant information, you are not alone!

Stressors can be found in the simple activities that we participate in, such as driving to your place of work or driving the kids to school. You may have a disagreement with a colleague or loved one, or simply be watching the news which today is 24/7 and mainly filled with negative information. Change is another trigger to stress. Where change is expected of us, be that a change of job or moving home or even the happiest moments of your life such as a wedding or the birth of a child stress can affect us.

But look at the positive aspects of how stress benefits us. Life would be dull without stress, holidays would not feel so relaxing had we not felt tension and stress in the run up and needed the relaxation. What about those moments fuelled with adrenalin, the parachute jump for charity, the achievement of doing something that thrilled you in the moment? Stress is actually a necessary part of being human and living your life, it is unavoidable.

The problems begin when we cannot switch off to the stressors around us.

We have all heard of Fight or flight, it’s the body’s program for self-preservation since man and woman walked the earth. It’s actually lifesaving! But when this mechanism is in overdrive the body becomes exhausted and ceases to serve us as well as it should. Resulting illness can all be linked directly to stress.

But we can all take simple steps to reduce and control the effect of stress upon our minds and bodies. Learning and practicing techniques and encompassing the use of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, which help us to slow down and think about how we deal with situations rather than automatically reacting to them allows us to change how we respond, reducing the stress associated to them.

We cannot choose the situations we find ourselves in, but we can control how we respond to them and lessen the stress load.

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