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Pet Bereavement Counselling

Pet Bereavement Support

A pet is never just a pet. They become part of your family, your companion through life and your best friend. As a pet owner myself I understand the pain that losing them brings.

The loss of a much loved pet can be truly devastating and if you were close to your companion it is normal to experience grief in the same way as you would in the event of the death of a person.

Reactions to the loss of your pet may include shock, anger, pain, sadness, guilt or disbelief as well as grief and be assured that they are all normal reactions to the loss.

Sadly you may have heard the phrase ‘ it was only a dog’ or ‘only a cat’  but your grief can be very real and others may not recognise the impact of losing your beloved pet.

You may also be dealing the emotions of having been in the position of having to decide to have your beloved companion put to sleep. This is possibly one of the most difficult and distressing decisions you will have to make as a pet owner. If your pet has been ill or suffering then unfortunately we have no other choice than to make the decision to end their life humanely and with dignity. This act in itself demonstrates the love that you shared.

But through this difficult time you do not need to feel alone.

Here at the Path to Peace emotional and practical support can be found by offering a listening ear and help through counselling.

From navigating the initial grief and emotional trauma, to practical support and guidance including how to talk to you employer and sourcing pet cremation or burial services there is a way to move forward and begin to celebrate your pet and the joy they brought to you.

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