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Getting Things Done

The last few weeks have passed me by, I simply cannot tell you where the time has gone or what I have achieved, but there in lies the problem.

We are all set to be productive, multi-task and get things done. But actually this is a modern day phenomena and many of us feel under increasing pressure to achieve and plow through our long to-do lists, often feeling discouraged or feeling like we have failed when we don’t tick off every last item.

Lists are are a great way of focusing our minds and creating action plans, but I have found lately that my list seems to be getting longer and longer, even though I am getting things done. This leads to the feeling that you are not making progress, that you are somehow failing and this in itself leads to the feeling of disappointment and frustration.

The more we don’t get done, the more we de-motivate ourselves, and so the original problem of having too much to get done grows. The bigger that list seems the less likely we are to tackle it, it becomes a monster and then we start the trick of delaying, putting it off until tomorrow, then the next day and so on until we feel overwhelmed.

Our reality becomes what we choose to give energy to, the things we focus on become our reality, so in theory we need to focus on smaller challenges that motivate us to get them done. Then we start to feel that we are getting somewhere! This then propels us to keep motivated and keep moving forward.

This is one of the reasons that diet fail, business plans fail to launch and that DIY job just never gets finished.

By all means have a plan, then tackle each area in small bites, each small stepo will become the journey and at some point you will look back and think wow look what I achieved and how far I have come!

Overwhelm is a modern problem that leads to procrastination and overthinking which in turn leads to inaction.

Today, write down just one small task, tomorrow get it done and repeat…..

Hopefully then you will start to see that the list gets smaller and the accomplishments get bigger – now you have forward momentum!


Photo by Eden Constantino on Unsplash


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