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What is Emotional Aromatherapy

What is Emotional Aromatherapy? Many of us have heard of or even used aromatherapy however not so many have heard of or experienced emotional aromatherapy.…

Astrology and the Retrograde Planet Mercury

Many people read their horoscope, many others believe it to be a load of twaddle as someone once said to me, but many choose to…

Getting Things Done

The last few weeks have passed me by, I simply cannot tell you where the time has gone or what I have achieved, but there…

Coming Soon – at The Path To Peace

What is The Path To Peace? The Path to Peace was an idea inspired by my own personal struggles with stress and anxiety following a…

Create Your Own Personal Mission Statement

Successful companies always use mission statements, usually a quick punchy line that expresses their aims and values, for example TED uses ''spread ideas'' and Linkedin…

Things We Enjoyed as Children

Do you ever stop to think about what you enjoyed doing as a child? You may be thinking why is this important, but it has…

Mindful Moments 1 Coffee Time

Many of us do not even stop to think about what we are doing. Day in and day out we get up, we follow the…

It’s Your Life

How many people have said to you ''It's Your Life!''? Quite a few I bet! People are generally full of good intentions, offering you their…

Taking Steps

A lot has been written about life coaching and if you search for articles referencing life coaching you will find both positive and negative stories.…

Power of Positive Affirmations

The definition of the word positive is this, a good thing, or a result greater than zero, showing certainty. The definition of the word affirmation…

Falling Leaves

Humans are more like trees than we care to believe. As a tree grows, it's canopies filling with fresh green leaves, the tree works with…

Energy Healing

You may not know it, but everyone can master energy healing. Everything is either made of energy, from energy, by energy, we as humans are…