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Astrology and the Retrograde Planet Mercury

Many people read their horoscope, many others believe it to be a load of twaddle as someone once said to me, but many choose to study the heavens and try to understand what astrologers have been telling us for millenia.

That our futures are guided by the position of the stars and planets from birth and that they continue to provide insight and clues throughout our lives.

But one area of astrology that is less well understood by most of us is the period known as retrograde.

What does Retrograde Mean?

Retrograde basically means that the planet is stalling, or appears to be going in reverse for a short period of time.

Of course this is not the case, it is simply that based on the trajectory of the planet around the Sun coupled with the our own planet Earth’s orbit, the planet in question appears to be going in reverse when in fact it is just an optical illusion.

However astrology places a lot of weight upon this retrograde period and much is written about one specific planet Mercury.

What Does Mercury Represent?

Mercury is known to be the planet of communication, basically whenever you speak or write something or even if you are listening you are communicating and therefore using the planet Mercury.

So when Mercury is said to be in retrograde, communication is said to become problematic!

Mercury retrogrades up to 4 times each year and lasts for approximately 3 weeks each time, so its good to know when and plan ahead

What Can I Do or Not Do at this Time?

In astrology Mercury Retrograde is said to be the time to revisit old plans, rethink the way you do things, retreat, rework, reframe, revise. As you can probably see it’s a time to go back rather than push ahead with plans and ideas.

Some things we are told to avoid during mercury Retrograde are the signing of new contracts, purchase of new technology such as a mobile or laptop, to avoid buying new cars as the theory is that during the retrograde period anything that is started afresh now will have to be revisted in the future. Electricals can go wrong and need to be returned, the car breaks down and has to be repaired, the contract you signed contained errors or a less favourable clause that needs to be amended or renegotiated…… so you see the pattern here.

However, the upside to Mercury Retrograde is that you can use the time to go back and renegotiate existing deals and contracts, check travel plans ahead of your trip, return to a course of study that you may have given up on, or simply catch up with an old friend that you may have not seen in some time.

Many people believe that Mercury Retrograde is a negative period of time, that we are all doomed during this transit and that we should fear it. This is simply not true and you can actually use this period to improve your life.

Finding Out More About Mercury Retrograde

If you want to know more about how the Mercury Retrograde period and astrology can actually be useful to you, its worth getting your astrological birth chart done (free on the internet) and learning about the planets, houses and transits that govern everything about who we are from personality to the gifts we all have and how we can live our best lives armed with the information that astrology can provide us with.

Combining astrology, moonology and meditation can have wonderful effects upon us and bring us joy and excitement and often lead us to a new way of living, a more mindful and aware way to live. Using crystals such as smoky quartz, rainbow moonstone and apophylite can also help to ground the energy at this time.

For more information on Mercury Retrograde I highly recommend reading The Mercury Retrograde Book by Yasmin Boland, its full of fascinating facts for those wanting to understand more about the retrograde phase.




Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash



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